• emBodied talk-therapy

    Using embodiment as a therapeutic framework, I will guide you through body-awareness exercises as prompts for self-inquiry, curiosity, exploration, & integration; combined with felt-sense conversation, personalized education about the science of your own healing, and tailored take-aways. Whether you are working with a personal or professional issue, ongoing mental health challenges, trauma resolution, want to liberate your highest/Self (or all of it), my core offering holds the space. Every client is addressed as already whole, with the inner-wisdom to heal her-self — every session is an invitation. sacred Rest + reiki add-ons are always available.

    1 hour

  • sacred Rest

    Enjoy a deeply restorative space following your Embodied talk-therapy or as a selective service. Enjoy a half-hour of guided yoga nidra meditation, with optional aromatherapy + reiki-hold to begin. This wholly receptive practice allows for revelation through private self-inquiry, while simultaneously releasing negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, & beliefs, and both relaxing and renewing into the resilience of your own nervous system — towards your optimal state of well-being. Performed fully-clothed and face-up on a heated massage table, with supportive props as-needed; reiki add-on also available.

    1/2 hour add-on or selective

  • +reiki

    For womxn who desire another level of embodied integration: add 15 minutes of reiki to your Embodied talk-therapy &/or sacred Rest session; performed fully-clothed & face-up on a heated massage table, with optional aromatherapy.

    15 minute add-on


  • Be>do

    Group relaxation for camrades. A socially-conscious restorative practice for individual and collective liberation. Enjoy a brief introduction to the somatics of well-being, a half-hour guided body-based meditation, with optional aromatherapy + reiki-hold to finish, and a supportive circle-share before exit.

    1-hour | $10-$25 suggested donation | coming soon…

  • Workshops: facilitated thru womxn I admire | TBA


  • iRest Yoga Nidra

For: workplace, educational, institutional, community & healing arts spaces | Contact me.