I co-create healing.

Not because I am a do-gooder but because I am a truth-seeker…

…& I find truth in everything I offer.

I specialize in embodiment: a framework that is evidence-based, trauma/liberation-informed & non-oppressive.

My practice is rooted in both neuroscience + ways-of-knowing that are ancient, indigenous, deeper, anti-patriarchal, & do not fit into the hegemonic western container of mental health.

I study iRest/Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra & am influenced by the work of: famed Bessel van der Kolk, embodied social justice scholar Rae Johnson, everyone who has ever been interviewed (ever) on Pavini Moray’s podcast Bespoken Bones, emergent strategy by adrienne maree brown, Princess Nokia, poet/my ex-professor Diane Seuss, bell hooks, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Nan Goldin, living in Poletown, my tarot-readers: GeminEye, & all the scholars/artists/practitioners/thinkers/folx embodying the everyday sacred-profane.

I believe the individual + collective body has a story — & the inner-wisdom to heal.

I honor intersectionality of ancestry, lineage, place, class, ethnicity, race, spirituality, dis/ability, sexual expression, gender expression, and his/her/their story.

I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) from Western Michigan University in 2018, where I interned in community mental health + a state psychiatric hospital, & assisted an undergraduate course in body-based mindfulness training through a social justice lens. 

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT-Ncbtmb) in 2012, with dual-certification in reflexology + a specialization in Lomi-Lomi.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Kalamazoo College + attended NYU for a bit. 

I have also worked a lot of very odd jobs & bartended a lot. 

I am a proud first-generation college graduate & only daughter of a singular single-mom.

I adore my pitbull Cassiopea, quiet, vinyasa, the desert, Detroit, eating lots of vegetables, lace, free-spirits, books — & the body.