Adrienne Goloda MSW LMT BA

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{detroit, usa + everywhere}

A healing justice exchange: thru June 2019

emBodied talk-therapy | sacred Rest | +reiki

if You:

  • feel dis/connected to your highest Self

  • seek support through: stepping into your purpose, vocation, life stages + transitions, recovery, grief, forgiveness-work, right relationship to self & others, ancestral healing, post-traumatic growth —and/or— liberation from: anxiety & depression, unhelpful coping patterns, intergenerational wounds, addictions + obsessions, dis/ordered eating and body image, invisible/dis-ability, individual or institutional oppression & trauma

  • identify as intersectional, a healer, a helper, a hustler, a recovering artist, academic or avatar, an entrepreneur, a survivor, an empath, a night-shifter seeking the sun, a first-generation anything, a more-than-you-know, feminist/or not

  • have zero-to-a-lifetime of therapy, wellness, healing & self-care

  • deserve to feel whole or don’t know that you do

    …what to expect

  • a grounding welcome into your body-mind (&spirit)

  • safe guidance through self-inquiry exercises, including: contemplation, breathwork, visualization + dyads

  • empathic space held for curiosity, exploration, reflection

  • access to your own inner-wisdom & education about the neuro/science of your own healing

  • personalized tools for everyday resourcing + resilience

  • integration of support-needs upon exit with take-aways to begin integrating immediately

  • an embodied framework through a feminist lens

    My practice is for all womxn: cisgender, non-conforming/binary+fluid, trans, etc. — all embodiments are honored.

You are already whole.


Returning fall 2019: womxn-only/pop-up at the Schvitz

Weave a compact embodiment session into your re/lease + re/store time at the Schvitz. Come with an intention, leave with an integration. Pre-book (or sign-up as available). Tuesday-nites TBD.


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New Center, DETROIT

occupied Anishinaabe-territory


Behind the story I tell is the one I don’t.
— Dorothy Allison