Adrienne Goloda LLMSW LMT BA
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radically re/storative Be-ing

A Seasonal Offering

intro/Embodied talk-therapy for WOMXN

[November 18, 2018 - January 5, 2019]

a therapeutic pop-up

a healing-justice gift for ancestral times

a feminist experiment in self-remembrance as resilience

Using embodiment as a therapeutic framework, I will guide you through body-awareness exercises as prompts for self-inquiry, curiosity, exploration, & integration; combined with felt-sense conversation. Every client is addressed as already whole, with the inner-wisdom to heal her-self — every session is an invitation.

Who intro/Embodied talk-therapy is for:

  • never engaged in embodied &/or talk-therapy

  • feel like something is missing from your current therapy

  • been in extensive therapy &/or institutionalized, without enough positive/independent/sustainable results

  • have trouble meditating, slowing-down, not over-thinking

  • are no longer receiving initial benefits from usual “self-care” routines, i.e.: exercise, taking time for yourself, hobbies, etc.

  • do not feel much *or* are overwhelmed by feeling too much

  • feel disconnected from your self

    what to expect:

  • a grounding welcome into your body

  • guidance through body-awareness exercises & self-inquiry

  • space held for self-curiosity, exploration, reflection

  • tools for self-directed inner-resourcing

  • access to your own inner-wisdom

  • integration of support-needs upon exit

  • a trauma/liberation-informed practice

My practice is for all womxn, however you identify: cisgender, non-conforming/binary+fluid, trans, etc. — all embodiments are honored.

  • 1-hour session

    $30 sliding-scale

    Detroit-based: studio, in-home w/in radius, via interwebs

    You are already whole.


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occupied Anishinaabe-territory

Behind the story I tell is the one I don’t.
— Dorothy Allison